Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mass Movies Release Pushed To Later Dates

Recently it was announced by the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) that big films can release only at five special occasions. It now looks like Dhanush's '3' and Karthi's 'Saguni' will see an April release during the Tamil New Years day and Ajith's 'Billa 2' will see light of the day on May Day which is also Thala's birthday.

The TFPC had earlier announced big films (whether a film is big or not will be determined by them) can release only during Pongal, Tamil New Year, May Day, Diwali and Independence Day so that small films see a good run in theatres.

Although both '3' and 'Saguni' are all set to hit the screens they can now only release on April! And thus 'Billa 2' which was slated as an April release has been indefinitely pushed to May Day

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