Monday, January 16, 2012

Actor Karthi interview about Saguni

Saguni is a film that has a strong attraction with the title itself. A big hero in this title is literally an excitement and an attraction to hook up more expectations upon it. While the film is scheduled to hit screens next month, Karthi speaks about the film and his role in it.

Is Saguni a bad one or a good guy?

He is showcased as a bad man, but a real good guy within. Before you would realize that he is a good guy, he will get through toilsome moments. And you need to bear it. The film is about a villager arriving in Chennai and winning the game of Politics. Politics changed his life and now he will change the lives of many.

It is heard that the film has some recent political issues.

Definitely not. All the characters around me are politicians and it’s a full length comedy drama. My combination with Santhanam will be the real cracker and it’s gonna throw huge laughter riot in the theatres and we have not pointed out any political issues of recent times or have indirectly criticized anyone.

Does your wife Ranjani accompany you to shooting spots?

Since most of the times, shooting happens in outside places of Chennai, my wife accompanies me and she stays with my friends’ families as they strike a good bonding soon. Suddenly, she appears at the shooting spots.

How about Pranitha?

She is a good actress and has lots of potentials. For the first time, we have shot a song in Poland and it has a temperature of minus degrees. It’s impossible to even open our lips and yet we completed the duet song with so much strain.

Will you act with your elder brother Suriya?

Not now for sure as we don’t have time to sit back and dine together at least. He is in Russia shooting for Maatran while I am in Kerala. We have contact only through phone. Soon after Saguni, I will be busy with a film by Rajesh and Suriya in Hari’s Singam-2. Maybe, after these projects are done, let us see if it happens then.

It was time to resume the shooting and Karthi rushed with a smiling face…

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