Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Who said that I don’t like Tamil cinema

When asked Meera Nandhan that whether she is having aversion towards Tamil films, she said, "Who said that I don’t like Tamil cinema. I was busy acting in one Telugu film and two Malayalam films. I am acting in a film titled Mallu Singh.

I am donning a role of a Punjabi girl in this film. After getting married I have settled in Kerala. I find it very difficult to adjust with the life style of Kerala. How I try to transform and live happily has been beautifully narrated by the director. I had leant Punjabi language and I am very fluent in this now. I am very happy that I have learnt an additional language. Since I was very busy I was not able to show my face in Tamil.

I have agreed to act in Tamil films from the month of February. There is also news that I am not getting Tamil films because I refuse to act in glamorous roles. It is true that they are expecting glamour here, but wearing modern dress is also glamour. Even in the film Ayyanar I wore modern dress. I am also ready to act in song sequences wearing modern dress. But they cannot expect from me to show another type of glamour. I don’t have anything to show like that. "

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