Monday, January 23, 2012

Trisha Says About Samaran Movie

Trisha is currently pairing with Vishal in the Tamil film Samaran.

How are things with Vishal going on?

Vishal and I are thick friends. For a long time he was requesting me to act with him in a film. But I was not able to give him dates. Once I complete a film, Vishal will trouble me for dates. But due to various reasons I was not able to give him dates. Since Vishal was a good friend he understood my problems. I actually should have paired with him in Sathyam. Now we have joined hands in Samaran.

It seems Sunaina is also in this film?

Yes. There is a surprise for Sunaina in this film. Sunaina is now my new best friend.

You cannot be seen continuously in Tamil films?

Apart from Tamil films I am also acting in Telugu films. I have to see both the call sheets and give the dates. Now I am acting with Vishal in Tamil film Samaran and with Junior NTR in a Telugu film. After this I will be acting with Jeeva in a Tamil film. This is the first time I am acting with these three heroes. So this year I can say that I am beginning a new career.

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