Tuesday, July 3, 2012

They should be worthy to be my enemies! : Billa 2

First Look of Billa 2 which has Ajith in the lead role was supposed to be released in grand manner yesterday but it was cancelled due to some administrative problems.

 Ajith fans were very upset. There were also doubts that whether the film will be released on 13th of this month as announced earlier.

 Sunir Kheterpal who is one of the producers of this film said, "The trailer of Billa 2 will be released at 7 pm in the You Tube website."
 Around 4 pm he announced, "The release of the trailer could be delayed for some time since I am flying to Mumbai from Chennai."
 Around 7.45 pm the trailer of Billa 2 was uploaded in the You Tube. Around 1, 50,000 people have viewed this trailer till this morning.

 There is good reception among Ajith fans for the dialogues spoken by Ajith in this trailer. The fantastic dialogue in this trailer is, "Anyone can become my friend but to be my enemy they should be worthy"

என்னோட   நண்பனா  இருக்க  எந்த  தகுதியும்  வேணா ...
ஆனா   என்னோட  எதிரியா   இருக்க  தகுதி வேணு ...

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