Friday, April 1, 2011

Trisha’s interview

There is a strong rumor in Kodambakkam that Trisha’s marriage is over and the boy is from Andhra. What is your opinion on this news?
 Earlier there were rumors about my romance and now there are rumors about my marriage.Openly I have no enemies. But every three months, there is some kind of rumors about me.My family will support me in whatever decision I make. I am continuously giving call sheet for Tamil and Telugu films. I have no time to think about my marriage.
Elections are fast approaching. For which party are you going to cast your vote?
That is secret. But I will definitely comply my democratic right.

You have had a success run in Telugu. Is it the same in Tamil?

No. I've had my ups and downs in Tamil with flops and average runs. If after months of strenuous labor a movie flops, it can be terribly distressing. However, I feel that failures ward off the evil eye on my successes.

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