Saturday, March 26, 2011

Actress "Divya Spandana" Banned From Kannadam Flims

Actress Divya debuted as Ramba in the film Kuthu and because of this she was fondly called as Kuthu Ramba. Now she has been banned from acting in Kannada films. 

Recently Divya did not participate in the audio launch of a Kannada film in which has done the female lead role. Producer Ganesh who got wild with her complained about this to Kannada Film Chamber. Divya who lost her temper said that she will quit acting in Kannada films. This created a great sensation in the Kannada film industry.

In view of the foregoing, the Kannada Film Producers Council has banned her from acing in Kannada films for one year. Divya on hearing this said," When I have decided to quit acting in Kannada films, in what way this ban will affect me. But I want to raise some questions.

I have borrowed Rs 9 Lakhs and given it to director Ganesh. But when I asked him to return it, he is trying to cheat me by not returning it. I have reported this matter to Film Chamber and Actors Association but they instead of questing him have banned me from acting. In what way this is justified."

Actress Divya's movie is currently release as "singam puli" 

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